1 / Name, date and trails: Ultra Trail New Caledonia (UTNC) is a pedestrian mountain ultra-trail running race of roughly 109 km with nearly 4700 meters of altitude gain (GPS Survey), in semi self-sufficiency on trails and tracks organised by “Union des Trailers de Nouvelle Calédonie”. The participant need to be at least 20 years old in the year (regardless of membership affiliation).

The start in on Friday 18th of May at 9:00pm

All participants have to be on South Arena site by 6:30pm where there is plenty of car space. After mandatory equipment check, bid distribution, all participants will embark on buses to head to the start line. It is mandatory to take the buses as there will be no car access at the start line.

The track is available on


2 / Registration: All registrations for English speakers will start on 1st of March on website, the entry fees are:

Normal Last Minute
March – April May 1- 15
UTNC 110 km $267 NZD $293 NZD
UTNC 57 km $160 NZD $187 NZD
UTNC 13 km $37 NZD $47 NZD
Relay team of 3 $307 NZD $333 NZD
Relay team of 4 $347 NZD $373 NZD
Rando 11 km $37 NZD $47 NZD


All prices are given without tax or GST.  Registrations will be closed and non-refundable on Tuesday 15th of May at midnight.




It will be possible to cancel for medical reasons (medical certificate must be provided) the entry before May the 15th and to get a partial refund of entry fees (minus organisation fees of $50 NZD and ticket processing fees).

The UTNC entry fees include the transport bus to the start line, a special edition Ultra-Trail New Caledonia Finisher technical t-shirt (for those who finish the race), food and drinks on the aid stations, a hot meal on arrival and entry to a price giving draw.

The organising committee could refuse race entry without giving justification.


3 / Entry conditions: In order to participate it’s required:

-that participants are at least 20 years old in 2018 (regardless of membership affiliation)

-that participants are in possession of the Medical Certificate and Accident Waiver UTNC2018 filled and signed by a GP / Doctor and the participant.

-that participants are fully aware of the length, and the technical difficulties this type of challenge poses, and to be in good enough physical condition to face such challenges

-for participants, prior to the race, to have finished a 50 km Trail or to have already acquired a level of personal autonomy which would permit them to manage problems created by this type of challenge, in particular:

*Knowledge to face variable and sometimes difficult climatic conditions as they arise (humidity, cold, hot and rain).

*Knowledge to manage physical and/or mental problems resultant from fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small injuries, etc.

*To be fully aware of the fact that it’s not the role of the event organizers to help runners manage these problems.

*To be fully aware that for this type of activity in nature, the wellbeing of the participants depends above all else on the runners themselves, and their ability to adapt to problems both seen or unforeseen, and to be semi self-sufficient.





4 / Mandatory and recommended equipment:  Every participant is bound to have and carry at all time during the race, the following mandatory equipment:

– working, fully-charged and switched on mobile phone, with caller ID display, the phone number of which he/she submitted in the registration entry

– Emergency Space Blanket (or Light Bivvy Sack Equivalent) foil of minimal 140×200 cm size (standard size)

– a water tank with a minimum capacity of 2 litres

– number bid, located in a well-visible point

– 2 x headlamps with battery set

– basic medical kit including: Compression Bandage (Minimum Dimensions 6 cm Wide x 1m long), anti-friction cream (Gurney Goo or similar), 5 Steri-Strips and antiseptic wipes.

– Waterproof and Breathable Jacket with seams sealed and Hood

– Long Sleeve Thermal Top (polypropylene, wool):  Cotton, Coolmax and lycra garments are NOT suitable.

– Whistle.

–  Beanie, Balaclava or Head Sock (Buff)


It is recommended to have :

– own silicon cup (there will be no cup or bottles at the checkpoints)

– Poles

– the road book or a gpx track downloaded in smartphone or sport watch

– Spare socks

– Sunscreen

– Additional warmer clothing

Mandatory equipment checkpoint before the start line and at mid race. In case of lack of mandatory equipment, disqualification of the participant will be applied. Refusal to submit to such control during the competition implies immediate disqualification of the participant.

If the participant carry poles, it will be for all the race, it is forbidden to drop poles at aid station even broken one.


5 / Start time and time limits:  

Start time: 9pm –  at Tontouta village

There will be 4 time cut-offs based on an average 3.5 km/h speed (details in road book). And you will be withdrawn from the race if you miss any time cut-offs at checkpoints

1At 39 Km CP 3 GRAND COUDEafter 10h of race: You must leave the Check Point before Saturday 7am.

2- At 59 Km CP 5 GRAND CONFLUENT – after 15h of race: You must leave the Check Point before noon Saturday.

3– At 79 Km CP 6 GRANDE CRETE– after 21h of race: You must leave the Check Point before Saturday 6 pm.

4- A7 93 Km CP 7 Cosinus– after 26h of race: You must leave the Check Point before Saturday 11 pm.

The organizers have established a maximum time allowed for the entirety of the race, and it is set at 31 hours– Last possible arrival at 10am on Sunday 20th of May.


6 / Bid distribution: Bids will be given the week before at the running partner shop. The number bid has to be located in a well-visible point on a belt, facing T-shirt or pant, but not on the bag.


7 / Transportation: All participants must park at “Arène du sud” in Paita and have to take buses to the start line. For the relay team, there will be shuttle organised.


8 / Aid stations and drop bag: This is a semi self-sufficient race, that means participant have to be autonomous between two check points either on food, drink or garment. And to be fully aware that the wellbeing of the participants depends above all else on the runners themselves, and their ability to adapt to problems both seen or unforeseen, and to be semi self-sufficient.

Aids station will be available at check points with food and drink. Participants have to ensure before leaving the aid station that they carry enough food and drink to reach the next aid station. All food provided at the aid station has to be consumed at that moment to avoid spoilage of the nature.

Drop bag will be available at 59KM CP 5 GRAND CONFLUENT. The drop bag sticker will be provided at registration with the bid number. The sticker as to be on the drop bag. The drop bag is 20L maximum. The drop bag will be available on finish after closure of CP 5 (Sunday morning).


9 / Prize ceremony: The prize ceremony will be held on Monday 21th of May at “Arène du Sud” with all supporting crew.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest mem and women and to the 1st men and women in each age division in Ultra-Trail New Caledonia 110 km. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest mem and women in Ultra-Trail New Caledonia 55 km.

A lucky draw including all participants will give away an airline ticket.


10 / Race course modifications, modifications of time limits or race cancellation: The organization reserves the right to modify at any time and without advanced notice the race route and/or aid station point and/or first aid locations and/or time limits. In case of unfavourable weather conditions (large amounts of rain, or risk of extreme storms…), the start may be delayed, the race could be reduced in length or the race can be cancelled.

In times of extreme weather conditions, and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend, discontinue or change the route of the race course or to modify the time limits. Every decision will be made by the jury of the race.

In case of force majeure as defined in civil law article 1148, the organizer could cancel the race without any refund, but will do what is possible to postpone the race to a different date.


11 / Security: Check Point and/or aid station will be along the racecourse. All participants have to go to the check point, with random mandatory equipment checkpoints.

Except in cases of serious injury, a competitor must exit the competition only at the designated check points after and must provide their race bid number to the checkpoint staff or course marshals and ensure that the course marshal have taken it.

Upon request, the organization will provide transportation to bring the exiting competitors to the Arene du Sud. Depending on the point in which one exits the race, transport times can be very long. Having exited the race and retired their race bib, runners who have quit the race are no longer under the control of the organization. Failure to notify a withdrawal from the race can initiate search and rescue, and the resultant expenses will be charged to the competitor who failed to notify the organization of their departure.

A medical check will be done at 59KM CP5 GRAND CONFLUENT. Any participants judged not in good physical condition will be withdrawn from the race and transported to the finish.


12 / Insurance: Competitors will participate in the race solely on their own accord, and under such conditions waive any right to claim against the organizers in case of damage during or consequences arising after the race. Personal injury insurance is recommended for every competitor to cover any personal accidents or injuries and/or possible costs for search and rescue/medical evacuation efforts. Runners are free to choose their own insurance provider.


13 / Use of personal image / photo and image copyrights: Participants waive any rights to the exclusive use of their image taken during the race, relinquishing any recourse against the organizer and its partners for using said image. Any communication about the event or use of related images will be in accordance with the event name, its registered trademarks, and within the boundaries of the formal agreement of the organization.


14 / Ethical rules: The race will be held in accordance with the general principles formulated by the International Trail-Running Association. The primary idea is providing equal chances to all competitors and holding the race in the form of an individual test of sporting abilities. From the perspective of an individual competitor, it consists in respecting three basic rules: play fair, watch out for your safety, protect the environment. These principles will be implemented by detailed rules as follows:

  • Only officially registered competitors, who paid an entry fee, can participate in the race.
  • Each and every user goes the distance relying on his own powers only, without any support from third parties or use of mechanical vehicles. Assistance from the third parties is allowed only at the food checkpoints.
  • Competitors cannot stray from the delimited route. In the event of getting lost, competitor has to use the same way to return to the last official signs and continue the race through its official route. Shortening the route may lead to disqualification.
  • Each and every user is obliged to provide – as well as he will be able to – help to competitors, who are injured or need other kind of help, primarily through notifying organizers and medical crew.
  • It is prohibited to use any performance enhancing substances.
  • It is prohibited to use any kind of verbal or physical violence during the run. Reported cases will result in disqualification.
  • Number bib has to be attached in a place visible to other participants, spectators and referees.
  • The competitor resigning from the race is obliged to immediately inform the organizer about this fact. In the event of not reporting the cancellation of the run, the search will be undertaken and the competitor can be charged for it.


15 / Anti-Doping: Anti-doping control could be done on the fish line. It is mandatory for the designated participant to go through anti-doping check. In case of positive check media and authorities will be advised.


16 / Rules acceptation: By registering to enter competition, the competitor accepts the rules, regulations and race ethical. Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty, disqualification or pre-race withdrawal. Any such penalties are at the organisers’ discretion and are final.