Road Book

ROAD BOOK : MAY 18-19-20 2018

The times are given as an indication for solo runners.


START Friday at Tontouta village at 9pm: Parking for spectator only.

Km 0 – km 1: Sealed Road during 1 km then unsealed road. Easy running.

Km 1 – km 13: Up and downhills on a 4 WD track. Easy running. (cumulative elevation gain D+ 200m)

CP 1 / Aid Station STADE DE LA TRIBU DE BANGOU at km 13 (Alt 80m): Drink and Food.

Expected between Friday 10:30pm (8km/h) and Saturday 01:00am (4,5km/h)

Spectator Access

Take enough water for 19 km! Next Aid station with limited water supply (1L / runner)

Km 13 – km 20: Uphill on winding gravel road up to “Bien Joué“ mine. Possible to run on 1 km flat section. (elevation gain D+ 750m)

CP 2 / Aid Station GRAND COL at km 20 (alt 780m): Drink limited supply (1L/runner), end of mobile coverage.

Expected between Friday 11:45pm (7km/h) and Saturday 02:15am (3,8 km/h) WEB POINTING

Km 20 – km 27: Easy downhill on former track. Easy running. (D- 300m and cumulative elevation gain D+ 200m)

Km 27 – km 30: Steep Down Hill on stony track – very technical (D- 400m)

Km 30 — GRAND RADIER at km 30 (alt 60m): Security with Radio – Drinkable water in the river

Expected between Saturday 01:30am (7,3km/h) and Saturday 05:15am (3,7km/h)

Km 30 – km 37: « Les 30 radiers / the 30 ford crossing », old stony track, 6 river crossings (water under your knees) (cumul D+ 50m)

Km 37 – Km 38: Steep Up Hill technical.

Km 38 – km 39: 1km downhill to the next Aid Station

CP 3 / Aid Station GRAND COUDE at km 39 (Alt 40m): Food and Drink.

Expected between Saturday 02:30am (7,2km/h) and Saturday 07:00am (4 km/h)

TIME LIMIT: exit CP before Saturday 07:00am

Km 39 – km 49: Uphill on old winding gravel road. Crest in forest for 1 km with drinkable water (D+ 1000m)

CP 4 / Aid Station MINE ALINE at km 49 (Alt 860): Drink limited supply (1L/runner), start of mobile coverage (up to next CP).

Km 49 – km 59: Downhill on very good track. Creek at km 53 (drinkable water). Easy running. (D- 850m)

CP 5 / Aid Station GRAND CONFLUENT at km 59 (Alt 50m): Drink, Food drop Bag and Medical assistance.

Expected between Saturday 05:30am (7,2km/h) and Saturday 12:00am (5 km/h) WEB POINTING

                                                                       TIME LIMIT: exit CP before Saturday 12:00am                                  

Km 59 – km 71: Relatively flat part with slow up hill on the last 3 km. Mix of old gravel road or track with 3 river crossing with a rope as water could be mid-thigh. Mixed ground running possible excepted in screes and stony part between km 61 and 62. (D+ 350m cumulative elevation gain).

Km 71 GRAND GUE (Alt 160m): Medical assistance with Radio before climbing (river drinkable water)

Expected between Saturday 07:00am (7km/h) and Saturday 03:00pm (3,6 km/h)

Km 71 – km 75: Steep climb on a good old track. (D+ 700m)

Km 75 – km 79: Easy uphill, possible running, 2 creeks crossing (drinkable water) (D+ 300m)

Water refill at km 77 in the creek.

CP 6 / Aid station GRANDE CRETE at km 79 (Alt 920): Food and Drink with limited water supply.

Expected between Saturday 08:30am (7,4km/h) and Saturday 05:30pm (3,4 km/h) WEB POINTING

TIME LIMIT: exit CP before Saturday 06:00pm

Km 79 – km 81: Old gravel road on ridgeline (Alt 1000m) (cumulative elevation gain D+ 150m. Running possible. (Mobile coverage)


Km 81 – km 86: Steep downhill on stony track with very slippery slope. (D- 800m)

Km 86 – km 86,5: Slippery river crossing then side track to the hut.


KM 86.5 CAMP DES CHINOIS (Alt 160m): Medical assistance with Radio at the hut. Hot Drink possible.

Expected between Saturday 09:30am (6,8km/h) and Saturday 08:00pm (3 km/h)

Km 86,5 – km 88: Old stony track with several river crossing (drinkable water) (D+ 50m)

Km 88 – km 92: Steep climb on rough surface (D+ 650m)

Km 92 – km 93: Easy running track … (D+ 50m)

CP 7 / Aid Station COSINUS at km 93 (Alt 880m): Food and Drink.

Expected between Saturday 11:00am (6km/h) and Saturday 10:00pm (3 km/h)


TIME LIMIT: exit CP before Saturday 11:00pm

Km 93 – km 103: Easy downhill on gravel road. Easy running. (D- 800m)

Km 103 – km 104: Unsealed and sealed road accessible to spectator.

Km 104 – km 110: Private track along the river. Uphill to the cross at km 109. (cumulative elevation gain D+ 100m)

Km 110 – km 111: RT1 road crossing under the bridge then on the side of the road passing by Paita museum.


ARRIVAL at « Arène du SUD » between Saturday 12:00am and Sunday 03:00am — BRAVO !


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