Medical Recommendations

Those « 10 Golden Rules » are the base of sport best practice

1/ TRAINING: Be prepared and train several months on advance with long mountain training. Warm-up before exercise, dynamic stretching during and static stretching after exercise.

2/ HYDRATION: Drink enough before, during and after exercise, even before getting thirsty. At least every 15 minutes about 1L per hour of intense exercise.

3/ FOOD: Always carry food / energy supply. Eat before being hungry.

4/ INJURY: Do not start the race if suffering from muscular, bone, tendons or ligament injury which would increase while running.

5/ DEASES: Do not start the race if suffering from fever or 8 days following flue symptom.

6/ DRUGS: Unwanted effect of some drug could be increased with physical exercise and could lead to unwanted complication or failure (kidney of muscular). Always take advise from your GP / Doctor.

7/ DOPING: The usage of doping products is forbidden and is liable to penalties. The listing of illegal drugs is available on Any listed drugs required a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUG).

8/ SMOKING: Tobacco smoking is harmful. It is especially dangerous to smoke 1 hour before and up to 2 hours after sport exercise.

9/ SYMPTOMS during EXERCISE: Any chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, sickness during sport exercise need to be reported to your GP / Doctor.

10/ SYMPTOMS after EXERCISE: very dark or very little urine, blood in the stool and oedema need to be reported to a GP / Doctor before taking your flight.


Do not hesitate to take advise with your physiologist, podiatric or nutritionist. Read documentation on Ultra Trail training and preparation.