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THREE RACES EVENT : 13 | 55 | 110 Km

18 May 2018
Paita, New Caledonia

The UTNC is New Caledonia Ultra Trail Running event registred with ITRA, proving :

5 points (UTNC 110)

3 points (UTNC 55)

And qualifying for UTMB

More About Ultra Trail New Caledonia


Welcome to New Caledonia's longuest Trail Race ! Runners can complete the 110, 55km, 13km distances, individually or relays (on the 110 Km). With many rivers to cross, forest, waterfalls, mines and spectacular scenery along the trail.

Race Week End

All the races (55km and 110 km) will be held on the same weekend  with delayed start to ensure most of people will arrive Saturday at day time.

Race Start in